Don’t Shrug Off Shoulder Pain

Stem Cell Therapy for Shoulder Pain Relief at Sunstone Regenerative Medicine.

Shoulder Pain Relief Colorado Springs

At Sunstone Regenerative Medicine in Colorado Springs, we offer progressive, non-invasive treatment options for many of the joint and musculoskeletal conditions that cause pain and disability.

Shoulder pain relief is one of the most common reasons that both young people and older adults consult a physician. Young athletes, especially those in swimming, softball, baseball and tennis, can experience repetitive overuse in the shoulders.

Middle-aged adults can also have pain from any of these sports. In addition, repeated use of the shoulder over the years can cause older people to begin to experience shoulder pain. The shoulder joint is quite complex and has many parts to it! In fact:

As they age, adults can experience degenerative changes in their tendons.
The weaker tendons make it harder to withstand the stress that is put on them.
When that stress happens, microscopic tears begin to happen and those tears do not heal completely.
When there are enough of the small tears, you can experience a full rotator cuff tear.

Osteoarthritis is another primary cause of shoulder pain, especially when there is inflammation from use in the joint. Generally, osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease that damages the cartilage in the joint and pain is the most common symptom. Arthritis can be experienced in a number of different places on the shoulder – in the glenohumeral joint (typically felt in the back of the shoulder), and more commonly, in the acromioclavicular (AC) joint where the pain is focused on the top of the shoulder but can sometimes radiate down the arm or towards the neck. Limitations in range of motion are also often experienced in the shoulder and patients may experience a “crunchy” or popping / snapping feeling in the joint as well.

Tears of the rotator cuff are another very common but challenging shoulder injury and typically a full tear will require surgery to repair. Sunstone orthopedic surgeons often recommend augmenting surgery with the use of biologics and bone marrow harvested stem cells to aid in healing and to help prevent re-tears. One specific clinical study found that at 6-months, 100% of the BM MSC (bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell) treated patients had healed rotator cuffs on MRI scans as opposed to only 67% of the control patients. And, the study continued, a “10-year follow-up demonstrated that 87% of the BM-MSC–treated group had intact rotator cuffs on MRI scans compared to only 44% of the control patients.”

Shoulder Pain Relief Colorado Springs

Orthobiologic treatments in the shoulder, both stand-alone and in conjunction with surgery, include platelet-rich plasma (PRP), bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC) and also the use of donated umbilical cord products.

Our Process

When you come to our office for the first time, we’ll conduct a thorough orthopaedic evaluation. This includes a discussion to define your symptoms, physical examination and expert review of your radiographic studies (X-Rays and MRI). We’ll also ask you questions to find out more about your particular situation, such as your activity level and your personal goals. It is possible that stem cell therapy for shoulder pain may be a good option for you.
The surgeon partners in our Colorado Springs clinic are all fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeons. They are trained to diagnose and treat your pain with the highest level of technical and clinical expertise available.

Are You a Candidate?

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Please note: These regenerative therapies are not covered by Medicare or insurance. However, we want to make these cutting-edge treatments available to everyone, so we make every attempt to make them as affordable as possible while still utilizing the best equipment and products available. Please call us to discuss costs and treatment options.


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