Hair Regeneration

Hair loss affects 40% of women and 80% of men. Many treatments of PRP and micro-needling to the scalp can increase hair growth by adding growth factors to the affected area. PRP can increase the dermal papillae cells and enhance the hair growth pathways in the scalp. Studies have shown the use of PRP on the scalp increases follicles formed per unit area compared to the control groups. Another study confirmed the use of PRP with micro-needling and Minoxidil, increased hair count at week 12 from 22 to 91. Multiple treatments may be needed depending on each case and the amount of hair loss. Tiny microinjections of PRP will be administered to the scalp. Then with a micro-needle roller the entire area with being rolled. The leftover PRP will be smeared on the affected area. You will be given multiple hair stimulating products and tools for in between treatments to use at home with instructions.

Hair regeneration starts at $600 per procedure or $1,500 for 3

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